I have been co-writing with Adam Rhys-Davies for The Twins Macabre since 2013 when we are asked to create a series of sketches for BBC3's Live at the Electric. Later in 2015, we also wrote and performed for BBC Radio 4's Sketchorama.

Adam and I also collaborated with composer/musical director Alex Beetschen on a new musical called Gamechanger which made the top 5 shortlist for the Stiles and Drew New Musical Award. 

I wrote a monologue called 'The Wanderley' for The Unseen Hour Podcast (episode 7: Deimos), performed by Edward Cartwright. 

In 2019 I brought my first play ‘The Darklings’ to the Vault Festival. It’s a dark twisted comedy about the world’s smallest cult who have been looking for the Anti-Christ, and find him in a local neighbourhood watch volunteer. Lyn Gardner reviewed the piece and described it as ‘Ridiculously funny… combines Joe Orton-style mistaken identity and a Harold Pinter comedy’. (Full review here). ‘The Darklings’ was nominated for the After Dark Award.

I also write feminist quotes, drag queen sass, references to murder and obscenities on vintage china! No really... have a look at my Etsy shop Spill The Twee